Harrisburg Harvest Festival Association believes strongly in supporting the local agricultural community. We are proud to have supported the Harrisburg, Oregon FFA Chapter in 2018 in the amount of $1,000, plus $2,500 in parking lot proceeds from our event. While the 2019 Harvest Festival is far from being complete, we have already donated $2,000.00 this year.  In the future, it is our goal to help promote agricultural sciences and further Ag education; 100% of the profits from our event go to this cause, and to help support our local FFA Chapter. Please join us in making the 2019 Harvest Festival a success, so that together, we can give back to the local community. Your donations are always welcome and we keep NONE of it. That's right, local FFA chapters will see %100 of your donation!

Mission Statement: To Raise Awareness and Promote Agriculture and Farming in our Region
and Schools.

Vision Statement: Growing Agriculture and Farming in our Schools and Community!

Board of Directors

President: Kurt Kayner                
Vice President: Chuck Scholz

Secretary: Charlotte Thomas       
Treasurer: Sue Harris