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Mission Statement: To Raise Awareness and Promote Agriculture and Farming in our Region
and Schools.

Vision Statement: Growing Agriculture and Farming in our Schools and Community!

Board of Directors

President: Kurt Kayner                
Vice President: Chuck Scholz

Secretary: Charlotte Thomas       
Treasurer: Sue Harris

The Harrisburg Harvest Festival Tractor and Truck Pull has deep roots in Linn County,
starting back in 1982. While there have been on and off years for the event, it was
reignited in 2013 by local farmer and business owner, Kurt Kayner.

In early August each year, farmers, locals, pulling enthusiasts and a whole lot of fans
from all over the PNW come together in a field just one mile north of Harrisburg,
Oregon. Here, they will put the strength and power of their machines (tractors and/or
trucks) to the test when they hook up to a progressive competition pulling sled to see how
much weight they can pull. Whether it’s a 70-year old Allis Chalmers, a modified garden
tractor or a shiny brand-new half a million-dollar versatile, you might see it at the
Harrisburg Harvest Festival. Locals often bring their daily driven 4wd drive pick ups.
Professional pullers travel from several states away, sometimes with an excess of 1500
horsepower, and bring their modified pulling trucks to put on a show for the crowd.

During this Friday and Saturday event, food and merchant vendors as well as a beer tent
are open for spectators. Horseshoe pits, hay wagon rides and a kid zone help make this a
family-focused event. While the annual event does good things for the local economy, its
main focus and mission are to create awareness and generate financial support for local
FFA programs. (Future Farmers of America) When local businesses and corporations
the Harvest Festival, they aren’t just helping us to put on a tractor and truck pull.
They are indirectly helping kids who want to advance their education in agriculture.
Tools, trips, special classes and machinery are also sponsored.

The Harrisburg Harvest Festival is a non profit organization with 10 sitting board
members and more than two dozen volunteers.


To learn more or see how you can be a part of our cause, click here to contact us.

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